Unthank Christmas Order Form 2018

We serve lots and lots of delicious festive meals every December so we have a tried and trusted system to make sure we have all the info we need and you and your guests get exactly what you’ve ordered!

Once you’ve booked your table by calling the pub on 01603 631557 you’ll need to download and complete the form below and return this to us with a £5 per person deposit to secure the deposit. Deposits can be made by cash, card or bank transfer – please ask for details if you’d like to do that.

You can :

Download and print the form, complete it by hand and return to us by post or in person (or scan it and email to unthankoffice@gmail.com


Download and complete the form online – you’ll need to save it with a name so that we can identify your booking (name and date ideally). The best way for you to do this is to save it as a file once you’ve completed it – that way you’ll have your own copy – but you can also hit the ‘submit’ button to send it straight to us*

We don’t usually acknowledge receipt (or we’d be emailing all day!) but let us know if you have any queries in your email and we’ll do our best to respond.



  1. Can I have longer than ten days to pay my deposit and get you my order? We have to set a deadline to confirm numbers so that we are able to coordinate other bookings around you. We always say that the chore of getting your friends and colleagues to choose will be over sooner that way too! If you really can’t get orders we’ll still need your deposit to secure the booking and will agree a date to receive your orders as soon as possible.
  2. Can I change the details after I’ve booked and confirmed? We’ll always do our best to fit in with your requirements but we can’t guarantee we’ll have extra space available or be able to change times as we have to accommodate other bookings too.
  3. Can we specify where we want to sit? We always do our best to seat you according to your preference but we have to move parties around to make best use of the space available so we cannot guarantee a specific table or location.
  4. What happens if someone cancels? We accept cancellations up to 48 hours before the date of the booking (that’s by 3pm two days before the booking). We’re really sorry but we an only accept these changes BY EMAIL it would be a full-time job answering the phone and our staff in the bar don’t have access to the forms in the office to make changes for you.
  5. What are the T&Cs? You’ll find a few other details at the foot of the order form.


  • please note that we take no responsibility for any forms submitted and not received